Unrecognizable 2k Madonna: Iconic Diva, Reinvented Style, Chart Topping Hits.

At the Grammy Awards on Sunday night, Madonna was her usual confrontational self, saluting all the “rebels” and “troublemakers” — but it was her own age-defying rebellion that got the most attention. After her face surprised viewers, a source close to the singer revealed she has an “obsession” with looking younger.

Madonna is no stranger to controversy, and her age-defying look is no exception. From Piers Morgan asking if Halloween was in October to comparisons to Pete Burns, the “You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)” singer who went bankrupt after spending too much money on plastic surgery, Madonna’s look has been the talk of social media.

So what’s the source of Madonna’s “obsession” with looking younger? A source close to the singer told The Post that she wants to look like “2000s Madonna” and refers to herself in the third person. She’s reportedly become fixated on maintaining her high cheekbones, which she believes will help her hide her aging lines. To achieve this, she’s reportedly using fillers, and has a team of makeup artists and facialists on “skin watch” to keep her skin looking young.

Unfortunately, Madonna’s efforts to look like her younger self have made her almost unrecognizable to some. Celebrity plastic surgeon Dr. Leslie Stevens of the Lasky Clinic in Beverly Hills believes she has had work done, noting that her cheeks and jawline are “almost to a grotesque amount” and that she’s likely had her lateral brows elevated and a lip lift performed. He also said it’s “sad to see a natural beauty become so unnatural.”

Despite the criticism, friends of the singer say she’s simply trying to look good for her age. After all, she’s got a grueling tour coming up and wants to look her best. Madonna’s “Celebration” greatest hits tour sold out in minutes for 35 dates, and she’s deliberately spaced it out so there will be time to recuperate between dates.

Ultimately, Madonna’s age-defying look is a reflection of her desire to stay young and healthy. While she may have gone a bit too far, we can’t deny her effort to defy the aging process. So, as Madonna said in her Grammy Awards speech, “Let’s celebrate all the rebels and troublemakers who dare to be different and dare to make a change.”

Source: nypost.com

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