Mady Gosselin Slams Critics of Her “jon & Kate Plus 8” Family.

Do you ever wonder what happens after childhood reality stars grow up? Mady Gosselin, one of the stars of the TLC show “Jon & Kate Plus 8”, is here to set the record straight. In her recent TikTok video, Mady addresses the public’s expectations of her family and the reality of their lives now that they are no longer reality stars.

Mady starts off her video by making it clear that her family’s lives are no one’s business but their own. She emphasizes that her family’s trauma and healing are not up for public discussion. Mady, her twin Cara, and their sextuplet siblings starred with their parents on the show from 2007 to 2017.

Mady then goes on to explain that perpetuating the narrative that her family is “damaged” or “crazy child stars” is extremely harmful. She is proud of her siblings and the lives they are living now. They are all smart, kind, driven students, and are working hard to make something of themselves.

In November, Mady’s brother Colin, who lives with their father, said in an interview he hasn’t been in contact with his mother or the bulk of his siblings for years.

In her video, Mady wants to make it clear that her family is doing just fine and that their lives are their own. She is tired of the public feeling like they are owed access to her family members because they were once reality stars.

This blog post is a friendly representation of Mady Gosselin’s recent TikTok video. It is clear that Mady and her family are doing just fine and that they don’t owe anyone an explanation of their lives. We should all respect their privacy and allow them to live their lives as they choose.


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