Lizzo Told Destiny’s Child She Saw Them Perform at Walmart and They Were Amazing

Are you an OG Destiny’s Child fan? If so, you won’t want to miss this story about Lizzo and her mission to tell Beyoncé, Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland about her attendance at a Walmart gig way back in the fifth grade!

We all know that Lizzo is a huge Destiny’s Child fan, so much so that she saw the trio perform at Walmart back when she was just in the fifth grade. She recently sat down with SiriusXM’s The Morning Mash Up crew where she discussed her mission to tell the members of Destiny’s Child about her attendance at the throwback retail gig.

Lizzo revealed that she had already told Michelle Williams about it at Bonnaroo years ago and that she still had two members left to tell. She then told Beyoncé at the 2023 Grammys, and then saw Kelly Rowland at dinner later that night. Beyoncé was surprised, and Kelly was amazed that Lizzo was there.

Both Lizzo and Beyoncé had big nights at the 2023 Grammy Awards on Feb. 5, with “About Damn Time” winning record of the year. Beyoncé made history at the ceremony, becoming the artist with the most awards in Grammy history.

So, if you’re an OG Destiny’s Child fan and want to know more about Lizzo’s mission to tell them about her attendance at the Walmart gig, take a look at the latest videos, charts and news to find out more.

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