Helen Mirren to Star as Patricia Highsmith in “switzerland” Deadline

Do you love psychological thrillers? Are you a fan of the classic Tom Ripley novels? If so, you won’t want to miss the news that Oscar winner Helen Mirren is set to star in a movie adaptation of one of these novels, entitled Switzerland. This blog post will explore the upcoming film, its director and producers, and the celebrated author behind the story.

Switzerland is a movie that will mirror one of the Tom Ripley novels for which the American novelist Patricia Highsmith was most famous. The film will be directed by Anton Corbijn, whose credits include Control, A Most Wanted Man and The American. The script comes from Melbourne based playwright, screenwriter and novelist Joanna Murray-Smith, based on her play of the same name. The producers are Gaby Tana, Troy Lum and Andrew Mason for Brouhaha Entertainment and Jim Robison and Kurt Martin for Lunar Pictures.

The movie follows the story of Highsmith’s late life solitude in the Swiss Alps, which is interrupted by Edward, a young literary agent who is sent by the writer’s relentless publishing company to convince her to pen one last novel in her wildly popular Ripley series. Highsmith uses her famously macabre imagination to scare Edward away, but before they know it a collaboration ensues, leaving the world they’ve constructed indistinguishable from their own.

Dubbed the “poet of apprehension”, American scribe Highsmith is best known for her psychological thrillers including the Ripley novels, Strangers On A Train and The Price Of Salt, which became Carol on screen. Her work has been adapted dozens of times for screen. The writer’s uncompromising personal life has also been the subject of many column inches, from her carefree 20s and lesbian affairs, to literary success and later-life rancour.

The Queen star Mirren is coming off Yellowstsone spinoff 1923 and will next be seen in Barbie, Fast X and Berlin Film Festival biopic Golda. Dutch filmmaker Corbijn is the creative director behind the visual output of U2 and Depeche Mode and is well known for his work with Coldplay, Nirvana and Bryan Adams.

This is sure to be a thrilling and captivating movie, with a powerful central performance from Helen Mirren and a story that is sure to intrigue and captivate viewers. So, if you’re a fan of psychological thrillers and Patricia Highsmith’s work, make sure you keep an eye out for Switzerland when it hits the big screen.

Source: deadline.com

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