Halle Berry Shares Video and Jokes After Taking a Big Fall on Stage at a Charity Event Saying “i Face Planted”

We’ve all been there: you’re walking up to the podium to present an award and suddenly you face-plant right in front of a large audience. Well, that’s exactly what happened to Halle Berry at a charity event in Los Angeles.

It’s easy to laugh at ourselves when we make a mistake, and that’s exactly what Halle Berry did. The 56-year-old Academy Award winner shared a hilarious video of her fall on Instagram, poking fun at herself and encouraging her fans to donate to a wonderful organization called Looking Beyond LA, which raises money for children with special needs.

In the video, Berry is seen taking a major tumble as she walks up to the stage. As the audience gasped and cried out, the video froze, and a red arrow pointed down at her stiletto boot as she lay on the ground. A voiceover said, “Yup, that’s me. You’re probably wondering how I ended up in this situation,” as Boney M.’s 1978 hit “Rasputin” played.

As the camera zoomed in on Berry’s boot, the sound of a vinyl record scratching could be heard. Berry was then seen being helped up and walking to the podium. She laughed as she held her hand to her forehead as the crowd cheered.

It’s inspiring to see someone like Halle Berry take a fall and laugh it off. She is a great example of how to handle embarrassing moments with grace and humor and use them to promote something positive.

Berry is also taking on a new role as chief communications director and equity owner and investor of a San Francisco-based biotech company called Pendulum Therapeutics. She will collaborate with Pendulum’s executive team on future product development and innovation.

In addition to her new role at Pendulum, Berry also has three upcoming film projects. She is executive producing and starring in the Netflix sci-fi adventure film “The Mothership,” starring opposite Mark Wahlberg in the Netflix spy thriller “Our Man From Jersey,” and starring in Alexandre Aja’s upcoming horror movie “Mother Land.”

It’s inspiring to see Halle Berry using her platform to promote both charitable causes and her own projects. We can all learn something from her example of how to handle life’s embarrassing moments with grace and humor.

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