Chris Brown Reacts to Rihanna’s Super Bowl Pregnancy Reveal

It’s been 14 years since Rihanna and Chris Brown’s tumultuous relationship, and the two have recently re-emerged in the public eye in a surprising way. During the 2023 Super Bowl, Rihanna confirmed her pregnancy with her second child and Chris Brown sent her a congratulatory message on Instagram.

Rihanna and Chris Brown’s relationship first began in 2008 and lasted for two years before their split in 2009. The two were involved in an altercation during Grammys weekend that year, resulting in Chris Brown being sentenced to five years of probation, community labor, and domestic violence counseling. Seven months later, Rihanna opened up about the incident and stated that she still had love for Chris Brown.

Fast forward 13 years and the two have seemingly moved past the incident. Fans noticed that Chris Brown had sent well wishes to Rihanna in May 2022, shortly after she welcomed her first baby with boyfriend A$AP Rocky. Then, moments after gracing the stage at the 2023 Super Bowl, Rihanna seemingly received a shoutout from her ex Chris Brown. As the “Work” singer revealed that she is pregnant with her second baby, Chris shared a message to Instagram Stories, writing, “Go Girl,” adding both a praying hands emoji and red hands emoji.

It’s clear that Rihanna and Chris Brown have moved past their tumultuous past and are now on good terms. While we can only speculate as to the implications of their renewed connection, it’s clear that Rihanna and Chris Brown are both in a much better place than they once were.

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