7.5m Viewers for the Last of Us During Grammys

Are you ready to experience the thrilling journey of “The Last of Us”? With the fourth episode of the series setting a new record of 7.5 million viewers, it’s no wonder that fans are eager to tune in and find out what happens next. In this blog post, we’ll provide a summary of the viewership of “The Last of Us” and discuss the new release strategy that HBO has implemented to ensure that viewers can watch the fifth episode before the Super Bowl.

Episode 4 of “The Last of Us” aired on HBO and released on HBO Max during the telecast of the 65th Grammys, which brought in 12.4 million viewers. Despite this, the show still managed to draw in 7.5 million viewers, an impressive 17% increase from the 6.4 million that tuned into Episode 3. This is especially noteworthy considering the competition “The Last of Us” faced with the Grammys airing at the same time.

It’s also worth noting that “The Last of Us” is on a more rapidly inclining trajectory than “House of the Dragon,” HBO’s most recent comparable series in terms of viewership. Though “House of the Dragon” premiered with almost 10 million viewers and “The Last of Us” has yet to reach that point, “House of the Dragon’s” cable viewership dropped significantly by its third episode before steadying out for the rest of its run.

To ensure that viewers can watch the fifth episode before the Super Bowl, HBO has implemented a new release strategy. The network announced on Sunday that Episode 5 will release on HBO Max on Friday, Feb. 10, two days before the linear airing. This will allow viewers the full weekend to watch the episode before the big game.

Given the early streaming debut and the overall success of the series so far, it seems that “The Last of Us” may still be able to outdo itself next week. “The Last of Us” has already outpaced “Euphoria’s” audience by millions, and “Euphoria” aired the sixth episode of its second season in competition with the Super Bowl without adjusting its streaming calendar and still achieved a series high.

It will be exciting to see if “The Last of Us” can continue to break its own records with the upcoming fifth episode. To get an even better understanding of the PlayStation strategy behind HBO’s “The Last of Us,” click here for our VIP+ Analysis.

Don’t miss out on the chance to join “The Last of Us” journey and witness the series break its own records. Tune in to HBO and HBO Max on Feb. 12 to find out what happens next.

Source: variety.com

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